Open Access Week Events

Thank you all who joined the library's Open Access panel on October 6th. Join other virtual and online events this week and in November. Stay up to date at Open Access @ UCSC

Oct 26 - Open Con Community Call (virtual)
We'll kick off the call with a talk and Q&A with experts on research evaluation (How we evaluate research, and reward researchers has become the largest issue holding back mainstream adoption of Open Access & Open Data). But, afterwards together we'll take a simple action on the call to accelerate the rate at which researchers are rewarded for openness. 

Oct 24-30 - Events across the globe 

Nov 12-14 - Open Con Conference, Live (attend remotely)
OpenCon is more than a conference. It’s a platform for the next generation to learn about Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data, develop critical skills, and catalyze action toward a more open system for sharing the world’s information—from scholarly and scientific research, to educational materials, to digital research data. OpenCon 2016 will be held in Washington, DC on November 12-14, with satellite events hosted around the world.