Government Data at Risk

Photo: Ponds on the Ocean

Historically, a vast amount of government data and digital information is at risk of disappearing in the transition between presidential administrations. Between 2008 and 2012, over 80 percent of the PDFs hosted on .gov domains disappeared. 

  • The California Digital Library (CDL) joined with the University of North Texas, The Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, and the U.S. Government Publishing office to create the End of Term (EOT) Archive 
  • In light of recent events, tools and infrastructure initially developed for EOT and other projects have been taken up by efforts to backup "at risk" datasets, including those related to the environment, climate change, and social justice 
  • Volunteers are participating in "Data Rescue" events across the country where they nominate webpages for submission to harvest "uncrawlable" data to an open data archive 

Get involved in efforts to preserve federal climate and other government data.


Photo "Ponds on the Ocean" courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight.